A squirrel is covered in snow as he sits on a snow-covered tree.

Snowstorm Soliloquy

What a tale this fellow told me!

Or maybe it was his tail that told the story. I was seated in my usual weekday spot—two hands and one eye on the work computer; my other eye semi-focused on the outdoor goings-on. Which was pretty darn boring today, with all the creatures hunkered down in an eight-degree, blowing snowstorm.

Until that billowy tail caught my eye.

The squirrel’s tail twisted and turned in the stiff wind, and I expected my camera to find the fellow stuffing his face with the sno-cones I wrote about the other day. Instead, he sat calmly in the snow, paws folded as though in prayer … but he was complaining.

I inched open the sliding door, but the wind was too frigid for eavesdropping. I could hear the squirrel’s lament through the glass, but barely. Even so, it was easy to interpret his meaning. His fluffy chest heaved in a soliloquy of sighs punctuated with a rhythmic quaah … quaah. My furry friend was not happy!

The sad serenade lasted about four minutes. Then, he dove inside the tree, where a small group of squirrels has bunked in for communal warmth. Soon after, one of the squirrels came back outside for a drink of snow. You can see that critter in the photo accompanying this post.

Enjoy the video of my opinionated neighbor.

Did you notice his startled look at about :05? What do you suppose caught his eye?

4 thoughts on “Snowstorm Soliloquy”

  1. Don’t you just wish there was a special animal translator that allowed you to understand what they are saying?

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