No Soap Needed

In a driving rain, a squirrel sat on my favorite snag.

Snags are dead and dying trees, like the broken beech behind our home. Over the years, this tree has welcomed nesting woodpeckers, starlings, flycatchers, and wood ducks.  In winter, squirrels move in. They leave their summer dreys—the leafy nests we see in the crooks of branches—for warmer quarters.

On that wet, cold morning, I wondered: Why wasn’t the squirrel sheltering inside the tree? There are several cavities within the hollow snag. He wasn’t scampering for food. Instead, he sat placidly in the rain, perched on the very top of the tree.

Then—well, with a small dose of imagination—I realized what he was up to.

The squirrel was taking a shower. And when he finished—spankin’ clean and ready for his day, I suppose—he brought out his umbrella. Take a look. You might have noticed his little lips were moving. Singing in the rain, perhaps?

12 thoughts on “No Soap Needed”

  1. what a neat thing to catch sight of and clever of you to figure out what was going on. The “umbrella” is over the top (literally)! LOL

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