Inspired by Nature—Favorite Kids’ Books

When Pileated Woodpeckers nested just outside my window in 2015, they took me on a bird-watching adventure. The woodpeckers also ignited my passion for filming, learning about, and eventually writing about nature on my blog.

Pileated Woodpecker nestlings being fed by regurgitation

It wasn’t long before I decided to write nature-themed children’s books, too. That process includes reading in the genre. What a pleasure that has been! I’ve discovered many wonderful kids’ books about our natural world. Now, when I see something compelling about a bird, an insect, or some other critter, I look for kids’ books that relate. I hope adults are sharing my blog with kids, and I like to support that by making kid-friendly connections to my posts.

On this series of pages, you’ll find those connections: Children’s book recommendations with the photos or videos that made me seek and share wonderful titles.

I’ve divided the book recommendations into topics:


Ecology & Conservation

Insects, Spiders, & other ‘Bugs’

Nurturing Curiosity about the Natural World

Wildlife Biology

Wildlife & Seasons

Knowing & Growing These are not necessarily books about nature. Instead, they’re fun or thought-provoking books that relate in some way to something I saw in our woods.

You can click on the links above or use sidebar navigation to reach the pages. I’ll be adding to them as I continue to discover kids’ literature that connects to nature.