Have you ever…

Watched a wobbly baby raccoon?

Raccoon kit shimmies nervously down a tree limb, hanging on very tight to avoid sliding off the tree.
A raccoon kit shimmies nervously down a tree limb

Have you watched a raccoon kit wobble precariously down a tree limb? Have you laughed at a mama squirrel trying to haul her kid out of bed? Or marveled at a nestling’s first taste of rain?

These are just a few of the funny and sweet wildlife moments I’ve been privileged to see from my home in southwest Michigan. Our house on a high bluff sits at treetop level in a very snaggy forest. That’s not my clumsy fingers trying to type ‘snazzy,’ although I do see plenty of stylish wood ducks in our trees.

Snags are dead and dying trees, and my husband and I keep almost all of ours standing. That decision came after a pair of pileated woodpeckers nested in a dying beech just below the house. The twins they produced were a couple of clowns, and we had a ringside view of the circus. Ever since that spring of laughter, we keep the tree trimming to a minimum. We cut branches to protect our view of the lake at the edge of the woods. We remove limbs whose fall to Earth would be hazardous to people or property. Otherwise, we let a dying tree stand. We have been richly rewarded for doing so.

I’ve become an amateur videographer, a nana who never imagined she’d utter the words ‘my blog,’ or ‘my YouTube channel.’ I write this blog with the simple mission of sharing what I see. I invite you to enjoy my periodic posts of video views, and the occasional thoughts I’ll share about how we can help our children find wonder in their own backyards.